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Being a first-class asset manager domestically and globally
Research Driven Investment

CLAMC offers investment solutions across all major asset classes in China, including fixed-income, equities, and alternative investments. The firm is the pioneer and leader in China’s ESG investing, and technology enabled portfolio management. Our deep understanding of China’s capital market, unparalleled expertise and experiences in managing assets along with market leading investment platform enables us to offer world-class investment services to our clients.

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in China by total AuM
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Manages 80%+ consolidated assets of China Life (Insurance) Group
Consolidated AuM As of 30 June 2024
Data source:IPE?2023?Top?500?Asset?Managers?Ranking?
Making a Positive Impact
At CLAMC, we view green investment as an integral component of our overarching "Green Engine" strategy. As a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), we were one of the first asset managers to implement a set of Guidelines for ESG/Green Investment in China and develop ESG bond and ESG equity indices. We have also demonstrated our leadership in the industry by launching one of the first certified low-carbon sector funds, as well as developing innovative ESG-themed insurance asset management products (AMPs). As of 31 December 2023, our ESG-focused investments have surpassed RMB 400 billion (USD 56 billion). At CLAMC, we are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable and responsible investing and will continue to seek opportunities to drive positive ESG outcomes for our clients and the broader community.
As of 31 December 2023,
our ESG-focused investments reached
Distinct Culture of Risk Management and Compliance
At CLAMC, we prioritize risk management and compliance internally while adhering to all external standards and regulations. Our commitment is reflected in our track record of maintaining a strong regulatory record.
Technology-driven Operations
Our firm has embraced the digital & personalization revolution in investment management by implementing a full lifecycle approach and developing a proprietary portfolio management system, CLIMB(China Life Investment Management workBench). Our in-house IT support team ensures secure and efficient operations while optimizing services and monitoring risk. CLIMB also provides comprehensive and actionable insights to strengthen our investment management services.
Full Business Coverage
Service Optimization
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The vision of china life Asset Management Company Ltd. (CLAMC) is to become a first-class asset manager both domestically and internationally.
As a leader in China's asset management industry, we strive to uphold our core value, continuously innovate, and leverage our best-in-class industry experts to empower our clients in achieving stable returns in the long term.

Highly experienced and stable team
As of 31 December 2023, CLAMC has over 800 employees, among whom more than 25% have overseas work or educational experience. Additionally, more than 100 investment managers and research analysts have over 10 years of industry experience, constituting the strongest investment and research team in the industry. Furthermore, our investment team has maintained a high level of stability with a turnover ratio well below the industry average.
of the employees have a master's or doctorate degree
have international background and experience abroad
of the employees have designation credentials such as CFA and FRM
investment and research professionals have over 10 years of industry experience
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